Electronics You Can Count On...

Our electronics have a reputation for dependability. The touchpad control has an array of clearly visible indicators to monitor the docking status of the wheelchair, an audible alarm, and large back-lit buttons for release and system deactivation.

The green light indicates the wheelchair is fully engaged in the docking base. The yellow light indicates the wheelchair is NOT fully engaged with the docking base. The user must exit the docking base and re-attempt until fully engaged.

We have also included a new optional voice notification module and speaker to better alert the user of the lock status. The voice module will let you know if your chair is properly locked. It can also inform the user the lock requires maintenance.

Voice Notification Announcements:

Select Language:

Press Play to Hear Voice Notification:

 1. Ready...Chair Locked
 2. Stop...Chair not locked
 3. Warning...Lock Deactivated
 4. Lock Re-Activated
 5. Solenoid malfunction...Service required
 6. Please turn off ignition to unlock Chair
 7. Chair Unlocked...Please Roll Back