Safety Lab


Crash Tested for Safety:

EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking Systems are tested in accordance with standards recommended in SAE J2249/ISO 10542. These standards require that the wheelchair remains structurally intact, and that the forward excursion of the occupant remains within acceptable limits when subjected to a 30 mph/20 g impact test. After the impact test the wheelchair must be able to disengage from the docking base.

EZ Lock has a long history of successful impact testing. System tests are conducted by independent testing facilities that specialize in the field of transportation safety. The Lab Proven success of our system is one of the reasons that EZ Lock is the World's #1 choice for wheelchair docking safety.

At EZ Lock we even go a step further. In addition to the lab testing with a surrogate wheelchair; we actually impact test the specific wheelchairs that we provide docking systems for.

Our in-house rebound crash sled is fully instrumented; detecting sled speed, G-force exertion, and occupant excursions.

Having our own facility enables us to quickly assess new wheelchair designs for EZ Lock compatibility. The versatility of the EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking System provides you with more choice than any other docking system.

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