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Interface Brackets

1. Is your wheelchair powered or manual?

Powered Manual

You'll be connecting your wheelchair to the EZ Lock using one of our brackets. We offer brackets for over 300 types of wheelchairs.

The wheelchair compatibility listings in this Product Guide and Compatibility Chart change frequently due to the introduction of new wheelchair designs. If you are unable to find the wheelchair you are looking for, call EZ Lock customer service toll free at (888) 952-5625. EZ Lock Docking System components are not compatible with any docking system not manufactured by EZ Lock. Use of the front stabilizer is required for wheelchair seated drivers.

2. Select wheelchair manufacturer:

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      The vehicle's lap & shoulder belts must be utilized in order to provide a complete occupant restraint. All EZ Lock DRIVER applications require installation of the stabilizer kit (included with this interface bracket kit).

      This listing is intended only as a general guide, and does not guarantee an EZ Lock interface will be available for your particular wheelchair. Testing and development of interfacing brackets are based on basic models of the listed wheelchairs, and does not take into account any accessories that your wheelchair may have; unless it is specifically noted.

      It may be necessary to provide additional information about some of the power wheelchairs in order to determine the appropriate interface. For example: information concerning battery size and quantity, power seating type and manufacturer, frame dimensions and/or tire size, etc....

      * Please be advised that accessories such as tilt seating, ventilator trays, foot actuated wheel locks, etc., may interfere or prevent interface bracket installation. Wheelchairs commonly referred to as a “sports” or "open frame" wheelchairs (i.e. low backrest, one-piece footrest, no lower frame-rail) are generally not compatible.

      ** Pediatric strollers and transport wheelchairs are usually not compatible with the EZ Lock system.