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The EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking System easily secures a wheelchair to the vehicle floor; saving you both time and effort.

Even better, the automatic docking base allows the user to lock the wheelchair into place without the assistance of others. No more struggling to cinch the straps down; no more hassle. We do our best to make it easy for you to meet your mobility needs; whether your driving or just enjoying the ride.

EZ Lock is perfectly suited for both wheelchair seated passengers and drivers. In fact, no other adaptive device provides for more freedom of mobility, or enhances the user’s overall level of independence, than the EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking System does.

You can also have confidence that the EZ Lock is a tried and true system, with more than three decades of proven performance.

EZ Lock… Products you can trust; Performance you can count on.

The EZ Lock Wheelchair Lock For Cars, Vans, And Transporters

How it works…

**The photos above show one of our demonstration units.

Using the EZ Lock Docking System simply requires that you guide your wheelchair into the docking base until the interfacing bracket attached to the wheelchair locks securely into place.

  • Left image shows the docking pin attached to the demo wheelchair
  • The pin is guided into the “V” shaped structure at the opening of the docking base.
  • Once in position, just pull forward a few inches and the wheelchair engages the docking system.
  • The pin attached to the interface bracket is captured by a pair of steel 1/4″ locking levers and is securely held in place by the docking base.
  • Once the wheelchair is securely locked into the docking base, the dependable ECU electronics monitor your docking status the duration of your trip.

Interface brackets are available for many different wheelchairs, including both power and manual models. For a listing of compatible wheelchairs: Download Here

At EZ Lock the wheelchair docking system is our specialty. Our focus, coupled with the knowledge and professionalism of our authorized EZ Lock dealers, ensures that you get the finest docking system available.

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What Our Customers Say

It’s amazingly simple to use. I’m loving it.

— Amanga G., Dallas TX

I could never go back to strapping myself in. It always took me ages to do that. And now, with EZ Lock? 10 seconds. Tops.

— Anthony M., Albany, NY

Everyone, and I really mean everyone who relies on a wheelchair, needs to get this. It’s the single best invention since sliced bread.

— Anthony M., Albany, NY